5 tasks that will help you create an effective business plan

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Many of us are locked away from the rest of the world at the moment, transitioning to working from home, dealing with home schooling and trying as hard as we can to stave off cabin fever.

It is a difficult and frustrating time for a lot of people, with the ongoing worries of both business and domestic life. 

As demand falls off, there is an ongoing challenge to create sales and maintain effective relationships with our customers. But this is also a great time to be evaluating your business and the market and plotting a path for a return to normality. 

When you’re busy with the day to day, it can be easy to lose track of where you are up to – now is that chance to catch up and create a clear picture of your sales, customers, competitors and markets.

Here are 5 simple tasks to evaluate your current status.

Bust the myths
Check the myths or preconceptions about the business that have built over time and influence your forward decision making. Sometimes we can, quite innocently, begin to believe things that affect the way we act. If those preconceptions are wrong, it means you are making the wrong decisions. 

Build a picture
We have so much information at our fingertips, but we do not always use it to our advantage. The best way to analyse data is to brainstorm the questions you want answered from your data…from this, you can begin to build a picture in your mind of where your business is up to.

Not only can you interrogate your management data for internal reasons, you can learn so much about your sector, your competitors, and the market through the internet, which is a world of free information. 

Audit your marketing
We spend so much time and money in planning and creating our marketing activity, but don’t always evaluate whether it is working. Take an objective view of your marketing objectives and the return you are getting – and take the necessary action. 

Know your customers
They are most important factor in any business but we don’t always know enough about them. Dig into your data and understand your customers, segment them into groups. Who are they? What do they like? How can you reach them?

Do a SWOT exercise
Its still the most effective way of analysing your business. Identify your internal strengths and weaknesses, along with the external opportunities and threats, keeping in mind how much the world is going to change over the next few months – how will those changes affect you and are you ready for them? 

If you can compile the information, knowledge, and insight from these tasks, you have the building blocks to create your strategic thinking for the future.

If you do not have this information, then your decision making is flawed and so are your plans. 

When I arrive in a new business or have a new client, this is the fundamental research that must be done before I can manage effectively. Experience brings more insight, but at their heart these are simple tasks that anyone can do.

I have created a series of easy to follow FREE tutorials that help people navigate their way through the tasks.

These are great team building tasks too, particularly when colleagues are at home and catching up through Zoom calls.

An opportunity to allocate tasks between the group and build some togetherness, leading to effective discussion points that gives the whole team an insight and allows them to contribute to the future direction. 

Chris Perkins – One Objective

About The Author

Chris Perkins is From One Objective and is a Part Time Sales & Marketing Director, working with clients to provide marketing leadership, strategy and commercial direction in a cost effective way.

If you require further help to manage your sales and marketing strategy and execution, please email

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