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Home Office Chairs For Under £100

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Forced to work from home during the Coronavirus Lockdown and are looking for the best home office chairs for under £100?

You would think that it’s a simple task, but just by going on the internet and searching for home office chairs, you will quickly notice that there are thousands of desk chairs on the market to choose from. 

Are you going to go for a chair that will be the most suitable for prolonged working hours and that is best for back pain, or are you looking for something more stylish, a bit of a feature in your home office?

We understand that in today’s climate, spending hundreds of pounds on a chair is just not feasible (if it ever was) and have carried out our own research to find the 5 best office chairs in the UK for under £100. 

You will notice that several of our contenders are listed as “gaming” chairs, however, please rest assured these are exceptional products at affordable prices and most definitely suitable for your home office. 

5 Home Office Chairs For Under £100

IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

First on the list of home office chairs is the popular IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair. Its ergonomic design reminds to that of a racing car bucket seats, making it difficult to deform after prolonged usage, while remaining comfortable. 

The unique design of this chair allows it to rocked back and forth, so whatever your ideal working position is, this chair can meet your needs. Our arms and wrists often suffer the most from sitting in one position for a long period of time.

The flexible and resistant sponge armrest padding and relatively flexible height adjustments allow this chair to preserve the health of our wrists and arms in the long term. 

The solid mechanisms, thick sponges, and seat mobility allow a load capacity of up to 150kg.

– Extreme reclining angle.
– Great for people with wrist and arm pains.
– Fantastic durability.

– Designed for smaller & slender builds.
– Relatively short height adjustments.

The IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair is currently priced at £83.99 + £4.99 shipping.

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TRESKO Racing Style Faux Leather Office Chair

You may be thinking that this office chair looks similar to the previous candidate, the IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair, and you are not wrong; however, while they are very similar in design, this chair cannot recline anywhere as near as much, which is the reason why it is around £30 cheaper as compared to our contender listed in the number one spot.

It is however the perfect option, if you are after the look and feel of a racing chair that is comfortable but have a limited budget.

– The unique design takes the pressure off your lower spine.
– Significantly more affordable as compared to the IntimaTe WM Gaming Chair.
– Thorough high-quality padding.

– Designed for smaller & slender builds.
– More limited reclining range.

The TRESKO Racing Style Faux Leather Office Chair is currently priced at £54.99 + £10.90 Shipping.

Cherry Tree Gaming Chair

Home Office Chairs
Cherry Tree Gaming Chair
Home Office Chairs

When looking at alternative home office chairs, this brand new design, racing style office chair provides the ultimate comfort due to the high-quality PU leather and soft padding throughout the chair.

This chair has the maximum capacity to hold a load of up to 120kg, which is less than the IntimaTe WM Heart & TRESKO Gaming chairs. It also offers heavy duty gas lift and strong castors, allowing the user to remain on their desired height level for longer.

This is the perfect chair for you if you are after comfort on a budget.

– More comfortable feel and look.
– Heavy duty gas lift & strong castors.

– Not suitable for heavier individuals.
– Doesn’t provide the “held in place” feel that example 1 & 2 do.

The Cherry Tree Gaming Chair is currently priced at £65.99 + £9.99 Shipping.

Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

Used to sitting in complete comfort at the office, and desire the same feeling again? This chair is not only affordable, priced at just £73.99, but it also provides a more superior comfort than any of the chairs on this list.

This durable and comfortable chair is perfect for people that spend long hours behind the desk that want to remain super comfortable while staying away from any back, wrist and arm pains.

If you want the in-built massage functionality within the chair, you need to spend extra £14.

– Very comfortable.
– Massage version available.
– Easy to assemble.

– Shorter arm rest design.

The Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair costs £73.99 +­ £9.99 or for the massage version, £87.99 + £9.99 Shipping.

Mesh Height Adjustable Chair

This stylish yet comfortable mesh back chair offers tilt adjustable back rest, padded seat and integral arms for added support and comfort.

If you are after a more light-weight office chair that allows your back to “breathe” while working long hours, this chair is perfect.

Coming with a Class 4 chrome gas lift, this chair offers the highest quality and longevity for maintaining your desired height adjustments within this list of office chairs.

– Lightweight.
– Stylish yet comfortable.
– Relatively affordable.

– Designed for slimmer and lighter builds.
– Limited tilt range.

The Mesh Height Adjustable is available on Amazon for £63.57 including free shipping.

Overall, whether you are looking for a chair that offers all the comfort or a chair that offers you a lighter feel & tilt flexibility, there is something on the market for everyone on budget within just £100.


In truth, while the IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair offers every feature you may need to complete your work days without any back pains, we would go for a more comfortable chair, the Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair that offers the massage feature. After all, who doesn’t like a quick back massage before calling it a day in work?

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