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What is a blue light filter and how can you turn it on?

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It’s no secret that we are currently living in a strange time in history, so much so, the search term “what is a blue light filter” has increased drastically over the past 4 weeks.

As a result of many people going into lockdown and therefore working from home due to Covid-19, many of us are finding ourselves working longer hours than we would normally.

This means that we are staring at our screens (that give off a blue light) a lot more and for much longer. 

This can sometimes be later into the night than we are used to, causing eye strain, headaches, and other health issues. 

But did you know that Windows 10 and iOS has a solution that reduces blue light exposure and makes these long hours easier on your health? 

What is Blue Light? 

Blue Light is the type of light that is emitted from electronic devices. It’s a different type of light to “natural” light (which are bodies are used to), and as a result, it can have a negative impact on our bodily rhythms. 

Biologically, our bodies are naturally adjusted to getting around 8 hours sunlight per day, which is a number that changes according to the seasons and the country in which you live. 

However, as many people now have access to devices that give off blue light, it could be messing with our bodies’ patterns.

How Can I Avoid Blue Light?

First of all, try to get natural light into your work space and your routine as much as you can during the day. 

However, if you find that you are working into the late evening as well, you can use a filter called “Night Light” which is installed on your Windows 10 system to help improve your health. 

Here’s how to activate a Blue Light Filter with Night Light on Windows 10

  1. Click the Start menu button, and click on Settings.

what is a blue light filter
  1. A new window will open. Click on System. 

what is a blue light filter
  1. The Display tab will automatically open. To the right of the menu, you will see the Night Light toggle. Click this to switch it on.

How to turn on the Blue Light Filter: Windows 10
  1. You now have the option to adjust the Night Light settings. You can adjust the strength, schedule the Night Light, and set the hours of when you want the Night Light to be active.

How to turn on the Blue Light Filter: Windows 10

What are the Benefits of Using Night Light?

When you activate Night Light for your PC, you’ll notice that your screen displays warmed tones. As blue lights can cause eye strain, the warmer colours will make it easier on your eyes.

In addition to this, Night Light will have a more positive effect on your sleeping pattern. This is because blue light causes stimulation in your brain and tricks your body into thinking that it is still daylight, even when it is late in the evening and dark outside. 

As a result, your body takes a longer time to “wind down” and can cause sleeping pattern issues. By implementing the Night Light setting, you can give your body a chance to alter its pattern healthily. 

Overall, activating Night Light will have a lasting and positive effect on your eyes, sleeping pattern, and general health.

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