Looking For A Home Office Printer? We Asked An Expert For Advice

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The need to print at home is far greater than ever before, due to millions of us now working remotely, but with so many different options to choose from, which home office printer is right for you, and your bank balance?

We spoke to printing expert Richard Forrest of CS Digital for his advice on things to consider before making your purchase.

Should I Get a Mono or Colour Home Office Printer?

The first question to ask yourself is do you need Colour or just Black & White?

Whilst colour is great to have, is it a necessity?

Mono will be cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and are usually faster than their colour printing friends.

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Which Ink System is best for a Home Office Printer?

If you are considering a colour machine, it’s important to check that the machine you’re buying has a 4-system ink supply system and not a tri-colour all in one system.


Home Office Printer

Because, as soon as you use all the Cyan (blue) in one part of the cartridge, the rest goes to waste and must be replaced.  So, if your logo is Blue your Cyan will run out a lot quicker, resulting in the other two colours being completely wasted

Which should I choose, InkJet or Toner?

Unless you have a fine artwork necessity, always go for a toner system. Believe me when say you will be paying a lot, lot more for a cost per page on an inkjet machine.   

The price of a Toner operated machine maybe more of an outlay, but the total cost of ownership will most definitely be cheaper in the long term.

Cost Per Page – Don’t be fooled

This is worked out on 5% Page Coverage and a standard letter is around 15%, so please see my example below based on a cartridge that costs £10.00 and produces 100 Sheets.  

This will be a lot more on a Tri-Colour Cartridge System.

5% = 5 pence a sheet

10% = 10 pence a sheet

15% = 15 pence – and so on

Desktop Scanning?

Nowadays, virtually all desk top machines now have a scanning ability as standard or for very little additional cost.

Having this extra feature means you can then simply scan documents, to arrive as an attachment on your emails, into a folder or using the scanner driver that will come with your printer.

What size printer do i need?

When it comes to home office printers, bigger is not always better, so its important to find one that not ticks the functionality box, but one that also fits within your work space.

About the Author

CS Digital - How to choose a home office printer

Richard Forrest is the Managing Director of CS Digital who provides Managed Print Service to all business sectors.

He has 20 years of experience within the print sector from apprentice engineer to his role as MD.

The aim of CS Digital is to provide a solution to consolidate current printers and bring down the total cost of ownership to clients.

Richard Forrest
Website: CS Digital
Mobile: 07951 983932

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