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Overcoming the challenges of working from home

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This article will talk about the challenges of working from home and actions you can take to help make life a little easier.

Self isolating? Workplace shut? Or just easier to work from home?

The unspoken truth of working from home and it’s sense of ‘freedom’ fall short as we each experience a sense of isolation. Fear not; here you will find sanctuary in learning ways to overcome this loneliness.

Number one: The Isolation & Loneliness

Just because you are one person working from home, it doesn’t mean it has to feel like you’re alone. Turning to technology to stay connected to the outside world, is just as effect at relieving social need. Using communicative programmes and apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and even Houseparty, allows you to stay close to friends, family and colleagues, when that feeling of isolation sets in.

Pick up the phone

According to a 2012 study by University College Dublin (UCD), socialising was carried out using a variety of methods by observing a sample of more than 100 adults, all managing some form of mental health problem.

The importance of just enjoying a simple conversation was portrayed by the lead author of the study, Dr Ann Sheridan in stating that, “…the participants reported feeling better about themselves…and experienced fewer symptoms of depression.”

A simple conversation over the phone can go a long way in removing that sense of loneliness.

Number Two: Work/Life Balance and how to obtain it

It is vital to maintain that work/life balance when working from home, especially during such uncertain and challenging times, but by following some simple rules, you can make it work for you.

Socialise with friends
  • Get dressed in the morning to begin your day anew each day
    By dressing as though you are leaving to go to work and leaving the pyjamas in the drawer, you create a sense of work ethic for the following hours of work.

  • Ensure you take breaks
    We all need a break through a work day, so why skip breaks at home? By having a break you grant yourself time to breathe, drop the responsibility and revitalise before proceeding.

  • Create a work area/space
    If you turn your bedroom into your workplace, that sense of trapped feeling and lack of concentration will never disappear. Either designate a space in your home for your work or purchase a lamp; when you’re working turn the lamp on; when you aren’t…turn it off.

    This separation of work from your personal home life is key to managing working from home.

  • Work hours still apply
    When working from home you need to maintain your normal work hours as though you’re at your occupation otherwise your life becomes your work.

    If you simply begin work at your start time, take your break at a normal hour and finish at your usual time, you’ll have a better chance of conquering the work/life balance conundrum

Number Three: No Water-cooler. Conversations

Water-cooler conversations refer to the small-talk discussed besides a water-cooler at work, often created to fill the silence or busy the time of workers. This does not exist when working from home and as such, must be replaced with another form of socialising. 

Whether you decide to create verbal communication over the phone or via a textual method of social media, it is important to know how to manage this aspect of life working from home.

  • Social Media
    This method of socialising can be quite fun and time-filling, which helps ease the burden of loneliness. The downside to this during your working day, is that it can be addictive and, left unchecked, interfere with your scheduled working hours.
  • Phone calls
    Having catch ups via your phone can greatly impact your mood if the conversation is pleasant and satisfies that need for social connection. The issue with phone calls is again how significantly they might impact your work schedule.

Number Four: The Back Pain

Let’s face it, since working from home you are spending longer in your “office chair” than you did when you were actually in the office. Thats why not only limiting the amount of time you spent sat, but also ensuring the quality of your office chair, is vital to the health of your spine.

Back pain and chair use go hand-in-hand and we highly recommend you check out this article on

Number Five: The Wrong Environment

Working from home can be a chore due to the environment being set up incorrectly. Using these few simple tips, that problem can be solved with some preparation and organisation.

  • Choose your area
    Selecting the area you wish to designate your work to start and end is crucial to begin creating the perfect working environment at home. You may have to rearrange a room, but the payoff heavily outweighs the initial effort required.
  • The right office chair
    Comfort, support and reliability are vital to ensure your body is maintained in the correct posture comfortably while working. Using the links above you can easily choose the idea home office chair to suit your budget.

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