How to Write An Invoice for Freelance Work

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So you’re wondering how to write An invoice for freelance work?

Whether you are doing a one-off freelancing gig or are planning on working with clients on a monthly basis, you need to know how to appropriately track your time, calculate your fees and bill your clients.

In this short article, I will show you how to use HubSpot’s free invoice template generator tool to create a professional invoice template in minutes.

What is the HubSpot invoice template generator tool?

HubSpot’s invoice generator is a free tool available for everyone to help you run your business more efficiently. It is a pre-made template which you need to fill out with all of your and your clients’ relevant information.

The great thing about this tool is that it is free and you no longer need to waste time seeking the help of a professional as you can generate an industry-standard invoice in just a few minutes.

Creating an invoice template – step by step

While the tool is very straight forward to use, feel free to follow my step by step process to create your professional-looking invoice in minutes.

Step 1:
In the top left corner of the invoice template, you need to fill in your company information. As a freelancer, only fill in the boxes that apply to you.

Step 2:
Right below your information, you need to fill in the relevant information about your client.

Step 3:
In step 3, right below your client’s information, describe the service that you have offered. If you have done multiple jobs for the client, simply add more fields to the invoice. By default, the invoice is generated for fixed-price projects, however, if you have worked on an hourly basis, you can amend the fields as necessary.

Note: If you are charging on an hourly basis, read my blog ‘The Best Time Tracking Apps of 2020’ so that you can find a time-tracking application that best suits your operations and ensure that you get paid accordingly.

Step 4:
Be sure to add any comments for your client if needed in the “Notes” section of the invoice.

Step 5:
If your final servicing fee is excluding tax, be sure to add that to the invoice. On the other hand, if you are working with a returning customer, you can provide them with a discount on your services as a thank you for the returning business.

Step 6:
Right besides your client’s company information, you need to date your invoice accordingly and provide a deadline which your client must pay you by.

Step 7:
Lastly, if your freelancing business is represented by a logo, you can upload it in the top right hand corner.

After completing all of the steps that apply to you, simply click on the orange ‘Download Now’ button to download your invoice. You can then just send the invoice over to your client and get paid.

So now you know how to write an invoice for freelance work

As a freelancer, you should always try and provide your clients with a professional service from start to finish. Billing your client in a professional and hassle-free way is no exception.

You no longer need to pay a professional for their time to create an invoice template for you when you can do it in minutes, for free.

Create your free invoice using HubSpot’s invoice generator tool today – Click here

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