How To Use Alexa In Your Home Office?

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Amazon Alexa is a firm fixture in households across the UK. She’s regularly asked to change the channel, turn on the heating and to see who is at the door, but did you know that she can be used in your home office?

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Here are our top 5 ways to use Alexa in your home office:

1: Write Lists

Alexa has a list manager that can help you put together lists to help you organise your day. When you’re working from home, you might notice that there are certain grocery items missing. 

Rather than forgetting to write those items down and overlooking them on your next supermarket trip, you can set a list reminder (“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list”).

Alternatively, you can use Alexa to help you write your to-do lists.

If you download the Alexa app, you can ask the list task manager to help you build your list of daily tasks and check items (Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?) to add and check off daily tasks and keep yourself on track.

2: Organise Meetings

Using the Alexa app, you can add your Outlook calendar and manage your schedule.

Whether you want to add a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting to your timetable, or check which video conferences you have already arranged, Alexa can be a great help.

Great for multi-tasking, you can even ask “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?” whilst you’re doing other tasks to make the most of your time.

3: Time Management

Manage your time more effectively with timers to help with time management.

Alexa operates with the Pomodoro timer, so that you can set a timeframe for specific tasks (“Alexa, set a work timer for one hour”) or a break (“Alexa, set a break timer for 20 minutes”).

4: Order Work Supplies

Although you may only work digitally from home, many people still require certain office supplies to assist them with their work. Whether it’s stationery or furniture, using Alexa in your home office can help you. 

As you work, you may find that supplies either are running low or have completely run out. Similar to adding to your grocery shopping list, you can simply order, reorder, and checkout:

Order: “Alexa, add permanent markers to my cart”.

Reorder: “Alexa, reorder permanent markers”. This is an automated process, so be careful with this one – if you want to check your cart before you buy, just “add” items.

Checkout: Simply go to Amazon as you normally would, and check through your list. You can then quickly and easily complete the checkout process.

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5: Choose Your Background Noise

Optimising your work environment can have a big impact on your productivity.

You can use Amazon Alexa to play some relaxing music on Amazon Music, read you a chapter from “How To Win Friends & Influence People” on Audible or other ambient sounds – anything that you think will help you!

Overall, Amazon Alexa can be a great addition to any home office, saving you time and playing your favourite sounds, on demand.

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