How to use LinkedIn like a pro -

How to use LinkedIn like a Pro

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Selling on LinkedIn?  Yes but no but yes but no but….

Any given day you can find content on LinkedIn where someone has written a post wailing about getting sales pitches via their LinkedIn messages.  

These posts are usually backed up by tens or even hundreds of comments from other people jumping in to add their two ‘pennorth of hatred towards sales pitches too.

Now here’s the conundrum

You may have heard it said that LinkedIn is ranked the #1 social media platform for business to business sales. 

So, given that so many people are up in arms about being sold to – and that they are reporting, deleting, and blocking those who send sales messages … how can that be?


Here’s why – LinkedIn IS a Networking Room, A Marketing & Advertising Platform, A Database and a Search Tool.  If you use it from all of those angles – it leads to sales.  

Important things to get right …

How do I use LinkedIn Correctly?
How do I use LinkedIn Correctly?

Your Profile

Have you optimised it?  Does is speak to your particular target audience about THEIR pain?  THEIR need? The one YOU are going to solve for them? 

Is this backed up by recommendations from other people?

Can we see your face or are you hiding behind a blank avatar or a logo?  If you DO have a photo – is it professional?  

Please don’t clip something fuzzy from the last wedding you went to.  It sends out a subliminal, subtle message to others that you ‘can’t be bothered to be professional’.  Will you be as ‘sloppy’ in your approach to doing work for them?

What’s under your name?  This is your pawprint – your stamp – the thing you take with you wherever you go on LinkedIn.  Are you using that line to tell people what kind of people should be visiting your profile and how you’re going to help them?

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Your Target Market

Do you know them?  Are you searching for them and connecting up with them?  Are you then building a relationship with them?  

How do I do that?  You may ask.

Well – ADD VALUE.  Ask them what makes a good referral for them, comment on their posts, occasionally send them something that adds value. Make useful introductions for them.

Join groups where your target market hang out.  

Even the basic, free version of LinkedIn will allow you to search, see, and connect with, your 2nd and 3rd degree connections AND anyone you share a group with.  If you never post in the group – it could be worth joining just for that.


When you post – don’t be salesy all the time.  

Write engaging content that interests people.  Ask for their opinion – talk WITH people rather than AT people.  Social media has turned marketing into a two-way conversation.  Build up relationships with key synergy contacts – forward the profiles of potentially useful contacts to them.  

Make introductions using LinkedIn Messages.  

Stay Visible

The chances of anyone wanting to buy your products or services the minute they meet you are fairly low.  If someone doesn’t buy from you as soon as they have connected – make sure you write posts as often as you can – be that person who comes to mind when they DO want your type of stuff – because they keep seeing you posting and commenting on other people’s posts.  

There’s a bit of a ‘honeymoon’ period after you have just connected with someone where they are more likely to see your posts.   

Don’t fixate on the number of views you get on your posts – you can get a lot of views because your content is controversial, but that doesn’t make it GOOD content.

  Views on GOOD content do matter though because a percentage of people seeing your posts will eventually be your customers or referrers – and even 90% of nothing is still nothing! 

What should you include in posts?  

Again – don’t be salesy all the time.  Let us see who you are, build up a relationship with us.  Facts tell, stories sell.  Invite people to engage with your posts by asking questions.  

It’s not a place for Facebook-style posts really (there are no rules – but you know how to present yourself in a REAL networking room – treat LinkedIn the same way).  Don’t come over all corporate either.

Find your authentic voice.  The one you would use when having a coffee with someone.  

Stuck for what to write about? 

 How did your business help someone this week?  What did you enjoy watching or listening to and why?  What’s in the news and how does it relate to business?  What have you learned recently?  Can you give our any free tips and advice from your business (people are drawn to givers and it also positions you as an expert in your field).

About the Author

Pam Case has been winning business through LinkedIn and teaching others how to do so for over 10 years and over 80 recommendations on her LinkedIn profile testify that her coaching is popular and effective.

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