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How to make the most of working from home

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How To Make The Most Of Working From Home: Working remotely is not just about having a non-traditional work space, but it is also about having the flexibility to work in a way that suits you.

As a remote worker, you won’t have the stresses or restrictions of working in a busy office environment, but there are also many ways that you can take advantage of the situation to maximise productivity.

Have fun designing your home office to make the most of working from home

You will be spending a lot of time in your home office as a remote worker, so making sure that your office space is looks right, feels great, and organised well is a great way of making sure you are working efficiently and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Feel free to treat yourself to good quality ergonomic furniture, paint your room a colour that helps with your concentration, and clear out any clutter that could ultimately end up as a distraction. 

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Do something with your saved time and money

One of the great benefits of working remotely is that you get to save money on travel. This could mean huge savings on fuel and car maintenance, or on public transport costs.

Rather than fritter that money away, do something with it! Why not enrol on to a course or learn a language?

Set up a savings account and treat yourself to a holiday, a fun activity, equipment for your hobby, or a home improvement project. The possibilities are endless!

Working remotely also means saving time, so rather than spending that half an hour driving to and from work, you now have the extra hour of your day to reinvest elsewhere.

Use it wisely. Have a relaxing breakfast, connect with members of your family, meditate or exercise. You can decide on the best use of this time.

Take ownership of your tasks

Your communication skills will be put to the test but also will be massively improved when taking on all of your duties. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with work tasks, stretch yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

If you’re in a managerial role, don’t forget to delegate tasks to your employees. Passing on the responsibility to others where you’re not present really demonstrates trust and they will feel empowered.

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Don’t let our boss forget you

An important thing to remember about remote work, is that you are not face to face with your boss every day. This can be a positive thing, as it can be very empowering.

However, it could also result in your boss forgetting about you when it comes to chances of promotion.

You can show you’re open to advancement opportunities by taking on more responsibilities.

Make sure that you keep track of your progress so that you can demonstrate your success to your manager when required. Keep your boss updated with progress of your projects, and send regular feedback to her/him about the status of certain tasks.

This shows initiative, and has the added benefit of presenting your productivity as a home worker, even when not physically present.

Follow these simple guidelines and you can take full advantage and make the most of working from home.

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