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Remote Working Effects On Your Generation

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The changing nature of work, and the unpredictable environmental factors that come with working from home, mean that reviewing and strengthening your own health and wellbeing strategy is now more important than ever.  

But have you ever thought about implementing a wellness strategy that is relevant to your generation?

Statistics outlined by the Smartsheet the platform for enterprise achievement, indicate you should. 

Baby Boomer, Gen X, Y or Z?

Let’s first establish what generation you qualify for, there are currently four generations within working age ranges. 

  1. Baby Boomers: born between 1944 and 1964 and are currently aged between 56-76 years old
  2. Gen X: born between 1965 and 1979 and are currently aged between 41-55 years old
  3. Gen Y: born between 1980 and 1994, and are currently aged between 25-39 years old.  They split into Gen Y.1 (25-29) and GEN Y.2 (29-39).  The term commonly used to cover both categories is Millenial
  4. Gen Z: the newest generation, born between 1995 and 2015 and are currently aged between 4-24 years old 

Recent statistic regarding remote working and generations

  • 99%  of Generation Z and 91% of millennials find it difficult to remote work.
  • 85%  of Gen Z and 81 % per cent of millennials feel less connected to their teams, in comparison to 79% of the UK workforce feel 
  • 79% of Gen Z and 69% of millennials feel less informed about what is going on in their company in comparison to 66% of Gen X and 67%  of Baby Boomers feeling this way.
  • 48 % of Gen Z find it difficult to stay organised and prioritise the most important work. 48 % of millennials feel that communicating with colleagues has been difficult.

So do some self-reflection, do your own feelings, thoughts and concerns correlate with the stats for your generation?

If so then contact your manager and discuss how to improve the connection, communication and information sharing processes.  

If you are struggling others may be too.  

Awareness of mental health and stress issues is at a new all-time peak in the workplace, with an estimated 1 in 6 people of working age being diagnosed with a mental health condition.

The correlation between physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing is becoming more pertinent with statistics indicating that out of all employees who have a physical health condition, 1 in 5 also reported having a mental health issue. 

Don’t let your remote working experience damage your mental or physical health.  Keep moving, keep talking, keep connected and stay healthy.  

This approach is best practice, see my previous blogs for  practical tools and strategies to develop a holistic health and wellbeing strategy for yourself whilst remote working and don’t forget to attend meetings and talk to colleagues about the topics that really interest you or concern you and keep up a wellness network with colleagues to share best practice and support each other.

About the Author

Kim is a qualified coach, therapist and trainer, with a career spanning over a decade in corporate business at a senior level. 

Kim Rutherford - Dalton Wise Coaching and Therapy

She set-up Dalton Wise Coaching and Therapy up in 2017, in response to her own journey and experiences with mental health which came to a head after a car crash in 2014. She suffered with stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and low-level agoraphobia. I sought help and after a 16 week wait, was provided with my initial 6 sessions of NHS counselling.

As a stubborn, proactive, problem solver by nature she decided to take her recovery into her own hands, and as a result, via a lot of research and additional training to secure professional knowledge, skills and qualifications, Dalton Wise and 8 Wise were developed.


Call: 07958 299806
Visit: 5th Floor Horton House, Exchange, Liverpool, L2 3PF

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